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Bonds of Justice

Bonds of Justice  - Nalini Singh, Angela Dawes

So, this book can be thought of in terms of the various plot lines:
  • Romance between Max and Sophia: I just adored both Max and Sophia. She is a J Psy, which was fascinating! Her job is to search the memories of killers to discern facts necessary for a criminal case. Obviously, as you can imagine, this takes a toll on the Psy, mentally. Sophia knows her shields are starting to fracture and very soon, she will be forced into total rehabilitation. However, she is recruited by Nikita Duncan to help ferret out the mole with the help of Max. Max and Sophia aren't changelings so it isn't a 'fated mate' situation but their love story is every bit as wonderful. Max is smart and protective. Sophia is determined and unfailingly kind (unless you are a convicted criminal....then she will use her TP powers to make you cut off your own dick!). I just loved both Max and Sophia. They have similar sad pasts that make them more alike than they appear outwardly.
  • The issues that Nikita Duncan is having: Someone is killing associates of Nikita. She is determined to find out who and why. Max and Sophia are assigned this task but it leads to learning a lot more about psy and the impending changes in the psy council!
  • Bonner: His story seems like an intro, but it ends up being a larger part of the plot. He is a super creepy sociopath that Max and Sophia had encountered while trying to find missing victims. He seems like just a plot device to allow Max and Sophia to meet, but he just won't leave Sophia alone!

Overall, this story is much more than just Max and Sophia's story. You have a LOT of Sascha and Lucas, plus lots of the other cats as well. You get a great deal of information about Kaleb and the direction the council is headed in the future. This book gave me the same emotions that Slave to Sensation did, which has been missing in the previous books in my opinion. I am very excited to get the rest of the series!

  • POV: 3rd
  • Tears: no
  • Trope: opposites attract, coworkers
  • Triggers: none
  • Series/Standalone: series
  • Cliffhanger: Not really but the major story arcs obviously continue!
  • HEA: yes with a sweet epilogue

authors including Jennifer Ashley, Thea Harrison, Ilona Andrews...then you will probably like Bonds of Justice!


Bonds of Justice

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