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Cowboy SEAL Homecoming

Cowboy SEAL Homecoming - Nicole Helm

Mix some wounded Navy SEALs with a woman who is finally trying to gain some independence, and have them build a sanctuary for veterans and you have Cowboy SEAL Homecoming. Alex left Montana after high school and joined the military. He came home VERY rarely and as a result, hardly knows his step sister at all. His father passes away and Alex is injured and discharged from the Navy precipitating his return to the ranch in Montana...that his father willed to both Alex and his step sister, Becca. Becca suffered from life threatening illness as a child and has a very sheltered, challenging upbringing. She loves the ranch and wants to provide a haven for people suffering. However, living with her step brother and his 2 SEAL buddies is a bit out of her comfort zone.

This story kind of throws all the tropes in there and it oddly works! Step siblings? Yep. Military men? Got those too! Cowboys? Sure! Becca is endearingly awkward. She is so uncomfortable with Alex and his SEAL friends, but she knows building this dream is something all of them need. Alex is struggling with his absence from his family home for so long. He is grieving his father's death, struggling with Becca's place in his father's life, and with his father's marriage to Becca's mom after his own mom passed away. Add to that his recent separation from the Navy and his injuries and you have a man desperate to control his life. He plans everything down to the minute in order to avoid surprises. Conversely, Becca never plans. She wasn't sure she would live, so long term plans were not part of her life. Cowboy SEAL Homecoming is emotional in a realistic way. Even if you haven't experienced the same life events these characters have, you will see feel their struggle. I am interested in getting Gabe and Jake's stories in the future.

The heavy emotions all the characters deal with is broken up with hilarious animal hijinks! A rooster named Rasputin and a goat named Ron Swanson will keep you giggling even when emotions are high! Cowboy SEAL Homecoming was a delightful read that gave me more than I ever expected!

  • POV: 3rd
  • Tears: a few!
  • Trope: step siblings, Navy SEALs, Cowboys
  • Triggers: Obviously, there are some PTSD struggles that might be upsetting for some readers
  • Series/Standalone: stand alone
  • Cliffhanger: no
  • HEA: yes with a sweet epilogue!

Books by Jennifer Ryan, Carolyn Brown, BJ Daniels...then you will probably like Cowboy SEAL Homecoming!


Cowboy SEAL Homecoming

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