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Hacking Darkness: A Reverse Harem Romance (Dark Codes Book 1)

Hacking Darkness: A Reverse Harem Romance (Dark Codes Book 1) - Marissa Farrar

Hacking Darkness is a reverse harem romance with a Stockholm syndrome feel. I was intrigued by the plot: a girl witnesses her FBI agent father's assassination, later finds out she might know the code to bring her father's killers to justice. Of course, the killers do not want that to happen. She is kidnapped by 5 men who SWEAR they are really the good guys who are just trying to keep her alive. Yet they keep her in a basement and treat her like a prisoner...

Darcy is really a prisoner for the first 75% of the story. She has no idea what these guys want from her and she is terrified that even if she could give them what they want, it would be the end of her life regardless. Eventually, she does start to believe some of what they are telling her about the man she thought was her father's friend and she agrees to help them. She certainly feels attracted to a few of the guys (all but Issac), hence the Stockholm syndrome vibe. Most of the guys are very nice to her. You really can tell they don't want to hurt her, but the info she has locked in her head is crucial.

My issue with the book is Issac. He is the leader of the guys and probably the most offensive 'hero' I have read in a long time. He is cruel and abusive to Darcy because he is determined to get the information with or without her consent. The final scene in the book is what really sealed my dislike of him. Essentially, he sexually assaults her with his fingers. In front of all the other guys. While one of them holds her still. WTF?

Until that point, this was a decent story, so I am giving it 3 stars. Do I plan to continue the series? Probably not. I just cannot imagine ever being okay with any of the guys after what Issac did to Darcy and they all watched.

  • POV: 1st
  • Tears: no
  • Trope: reverse harem, on the run
  • Triggers: Kidnapping and dubious consent for sure
  • Series/Standalone: series
  • Cliffhanger: yes
  • HEA: not at the end of this book

Phoenix by Julia Reed and Autumn Clarke, 4 psychos by Kristy Cunning, Love Potion by Mary Martel...then you will probably like Hacking Darkness!


Hacking Darkness



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