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Torn - Lauren Dane Torn intrigued me right away because it was a little like a second chance in that the characters knew each other before, but not totally a second chance since they weren't dating before. Its a low angst story which I adore; however, I think it was a little slow because not much happens. Its more of a chronicle of their relationship; again, I appreciated the low angst since both of them have had enough angst in their past, but readers may find this a bit of a slow pace.

Cora and Beau are total #relationshipgoals! They are truly devoted to making each other happy. It was such a pleasant read to see a more mature relationship as opposed to the drama-llama types with miscommunications and manufactured problems. Bottom line, while this might be a slow plot for those who love the angst, its perfect for those who like to see a couple work together on real life issues. Torn will appeal to readers who are sick of new adult relationships that are fraught with immature rubbish.

While this is book 3 of the series, you can read them as stand alones. I haven't read the previous books and it didn't affect my enjoyment at all!