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Wings of the Walker

Wings of the Walker - Coralee June

Wings of the Walker was the book I didn't know was missing from my life!! Its a dystopian reverse harem and I loved it. Its got some elements of The Hunger Games (different districts, a 'capital', a corrupt ruling party) but manages to be unique. Ashley is a 'walker'. Walkers are the people who don't have enough money to afford the vaccine for the Influenza X. Once infected with this VERY contagious illness, death is inevitable. So, all the walkers are kept in a 'walker zone' and barely eek out a living. Ash, however, was taken in by the ruling family of her district because she had a natural immunity. So, she becomes their servant. She is trained in cooking, cleaning, and performing general household duties. She falls for the son of the family she serves, but they can never be together. When a ruling family from another district comes to visit, Ash's world turns totally upside down!

I thought this was a very well written story with layers to all the characters! The harem builds slowly, which I felt was perfect for the plot. Ash's entire world is turned upside down! She is a heroine I really did like. She is smart, intriguing, and not so full of her self. I often find in RH stories that the heroine is so egotistical about themselves.

I can't wait to continue with The Walker Series and see where Coralee June takes this world! If you are looking for a slow build reverse harem that is utterly unique, Wings of the Walker is the perfect pick. The audio is narrated by Elizabeth Hart, who does a wonderful job! Her voice was perfect and her narration only added to the story.

  • POV: 1st (Ash)
  • Tears: no
  • Trope: dystopian, reverse Harem
  • Triggers: none
  • Series/Standalone: series
  • Cliffhanger: yes kind of; the major action of this plot is settled, but there is a lot still hanging over the characters
  • HEA: at this point, its unknown

The Ghost Bird series by CL Stone, The Veil Diaries by BL Brunnemer...then you will probably like Wings of the Walker!


Wings of the Walker



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