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The Big Alpha in Town

The Big Alpha in Town - Eve Langlais

Shifters, manwhores, and baby daddies, Oh My! Big Alpha in Town gives you 3 shifter stories by some of my favorite authors. First up, Bearing His Name. So, whats a guy to do when he finds his mate and also discovers he might have knocked up her sister?! Langlais, in her usual way keeps it light and not too angsty which I appreciated! However, I didn't really care much for Jade or Ark.

3 stars

Owned by the Lion is up next and again, a bit of a conundrum when a manwhore finds his mate. Keir wants Ally, but she has heard ALL about him and isn't going to put up with his games. My biggest struggle here was that not only was Keir a whore, every time I flipped the page, they were running into an ex of his! So, all the angst came from that drama-llama which I don't really enjoy.

2 stars

No need for love is the final entry in this anthology and I will give Baxter credit for originality! The heroine is a wood nymph! I think this really suffered from 'novella syndrome' and neither character felt really developed. But, Owen wasn't a manwhore like the other two heroes, so again, bonus points there. Overall, this was okay, but I think it could have been better.

3 stars

Books by authors like Chasity Bowlin, Celia Kyle, Harmony Raines...then you will probably like Big Alpha in Town!


Big Alpha in Town

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