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Tulsa - S.L. Scott Tulsa brings you the story of not one, but 2 rockstars! Now, full disclosure, I'm not really a fan of the rockstar romances. I think rockstars tend to be major douchebags and I just get irritated waiting for them to get over themselves. But, I love SL Scott, so I wasn't going to pass up Tulsa.

Tulsa is the drummer in brother band, The Crows. Nicki Faris is the lead singer of her sibling band, The Faris Wheel. I think both of them being rockstars made me more okay with the rockstar romance. Tulsa isn't exactly a sweet guy looking for love. But, he is hot and Nicki gets the #TulsaHaze around him. There certainly is a LOT of lust.

As these two fight the lust, they get to know each other more. They are on tour together so there is LOTS of time! But, neither wants to jeopardize their siblings and the bands' chance at success. Nicki is fierce though, so she is a good ying to Tulsa's yang! There are some light moments where Scott gives us some laughs, but there is some heavy emotional moments as well. I didn't expect to swoon over Tulsa but he totally made me fall. Boop (you will understand when you read it!)

If you aren't a rockstar romance fan, give this series a try. Honestly, Scott makes the rockstar romance work for me. Tulsa will totally win you over and now I am going to go back and read book 1 in the series, Spark, about his brother!