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Relentless (Somerton Security #2)

Relentless (Somerton Security #2) - Elizabeth Dyer

Relentless is book 2 in the series and, after the first chapter, it really is a stand alone. I had to think back to what happened in book 1 because it is referenced. However, its not critical to the story of Relentless so it isn't really an issue.

Ethan is the leader of the security team and is carrying a huge burden. He is determined to save a fellow soldier from a drug cartel. First, he has to infiltrate the cartel! Natalia is the niece of the cartel leader. She has been forced into a life she does not want. She has to do awful things for her uncle in order to protect her younger sister. Sparks fly when these two meet and instantly they recognize that the other isn't who they say they are. They form an uneasy alliance-Ethan needs an in and Natalia and her sister need out!

I liked both Ethan and Natalia. They are hardened due to the things they have experienced and it fit in well with the plot. I thought the action was good and really keeps the story moving! Overall, if you like romantic suspense, Relentless is a great pick! Good characters, solid action, strong heroine!

  • POV: 3rd
  • Tears: no
  • Trope: secret identity
  • Triggers: Natalia is forced to do some things for her uncle that might upset readers (non consensual sex is alluded to but not explicit)
  • Series/Standalone: series
  • Cliffhanger: no
  • HEA: yes

...then you will probably like Relentless!





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