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Follow Me Back

Follow Me Back - A.L. Jackson

Follow Me Back is another stunning installment in the Fight for Me series. So far, these books have totally won my heart! This story was super emotional!! Oh my gosh! Seriously, read with tissues. Lots of tissues.

Kale is a doctor who is haunted by those he couldn't save. Hope is a woman trying to break free from her douche of a husband. But, getting away isn't easy for Hope and forgetting and moving on isn't working for Kale. Initially, I did NOT think I would like Kale. Cocky doctor with a God complex? No thank you. However, I am thrilled that Jackson proved me wrong and that cocky persona is a facade for a broken man.

I love the deep, swoon worthy romance Jackson writes. Kale and Hope seriously had some steam but also some deep emotional connections. Not every author can pull that off! I love a hero that isn't deterred and willing to continue to fight for the heroine. Kale recognized something in Hope that pushed him to not give up on her. To me, THAT is love. That is what makes me believe in a romance. When a character is able to see beyond a person's mask and understand them on the deepest level, romance becomes believable. Jackson doesn't just tell us he sees beyond Hope's mask, but she shows us!

There is some drama-llama too. Hope's husband/ex-husband is a major douchecanoe. Hope and Kale have some serious hang ups about love and relationships that make their little dance a challenge.

Overall, Follow Me Back has the deep, emotional connection, the sweet kindness of friends, the heart breaking pain of loss, and the soul soaring joy of love!

  • POV: dual 1st
  • Tears: oh dear God, yes
  • Trope: single mom, doctor
  • Triggers: Hope's husband is stalking her and threatening her which could be a trigger for some readers
  • Series/Standalone: stand alone within an interconnected series
  • Cliffhanger: no
  • HEA: yes

Down Shift by K. Bromberg, Cuffed by K. Bromberg, Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan, Beautiful Killer by Sherilee Gray...then you will probably like Follow Me Back!


Follow Me Back



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