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Lead Me Home

Lead Me Home - A.L. Jackson

Lead Me Home was a big punch in the heart! Gah!!! If you read the previous books (not necessary), you have gotten peeks at Ollie and Nikki. I have been so curious about them! Their story is a second chance romance wrought with past pain and present danger.

Nikki seemed like such a fun loving woman, but you realize that she is one of those people who pastes on that persona. She has had some terrible pain in her past. She lost her best friend and that pain was compounded by Ollie shutting her out then as well. Now, someone is after her and Ollie isn't going to let another woman in his life down. Ollie harbors such guilt over what happened to his sister (Nikki's best friend). He has carried that pain with him for 14 years and it caused him to lose his sister and Nikki.

However, even when Ollie admits he still loves Nikki and is willing to risk a relationship again, the pain doesn't stop! Seriously, get tissues. If you are a sucker for a second chance romance, Lead Me Home will be your perfect read! No one gives you the feels like AL Jackson. Its hard to believe this is the end of this series; honestly, I'm not sure I am ready to let these characters go!

  • POV: dual
  • Tears: so many!
  • Trope: second chance romance
  • Triggers: Ollie's sister was murdered and Ollie is still trying to figure out what happened
  • Series/Standalone: stand alone within an interconnected series
  • Cliffhanger: no
  • HEA: yes

Cuffed by K. Bromberg, Everest by SL Scott, Until Harmony by Aurora Rose Reynolds...then you will probably like Lead Me Home!


Lead Me Home



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