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Ocean Light

Ocean Light - Nalini Singh

Ocean Light continues the Psy-Changeling Trinity series, but I really feel you could probably grab this one without being lost. Ocean Light focuses on a changeling group that has been introduced in previous books but is VERY secretive so I was dying to get more info on Black Sea.

We initially met Bowen Knight early on in the initial Psy-Changeling series. He is the security chief for the Human Alliance. His hatred for the Psy runs deep due to a traumatic event when he was a child. This leads him to get a chip implanted in his brain to block psychic interference. Bad idea when the chip wasn't fully tested and now he has only days to live. He gets shot at the end of Silver Silence and ends up at the hands of a doctor in Black Sea who MIGHT have a way to save him.

Kaia also had a traumatic event in her past, but it caused her to hate humans. She hasn't set foot on land since her parents death and spends most of her time in one of Black Sea's underwater cities. She gave up her career in science and now serves as the head chef for the city. There are instant sparks between Bowen and Kaia, and she is NOT happy about that. First, he is human. Second, he is the leader of the Human Alliance and she had recently learned some information that made them sound shady. Finally, she knows his chance of survival is only 5%. None of that is able to prevent her for falling for Bowen.

Both Bowen and Kaia have some serious issues with racism. Bo hates all the Psy. He is getting better and more open minded. I understand WHY he hates them, but to treat a whole race with disdain because of the actions of one? Not cool. Kaia is even worse though. She has such a deep hatred for humans because they didn't save her parents that she refuses to interact with them in any way. She always assumes the worst of humans. Again, I get it-some humans did her wrong. But, seriously, to hate a whole race because of a small group?

Plot wise, you have the push/pull of attraction between Bo and Kaia, the eminent and deadly malfunction of the chip in Bo's brain, the mystery of who is the mole in Black Sea and the Human Alliance, and what kind of shifter is Kaia. Seriously, I was DYING to know! All Black Sea members are very secretive about their animal which is so different from the previous changelings and was fascinating.

Like all Singh books, I love the depth she brings to all the characters. Kaia and Bowen might not be my favorite couple, but Singh develops them so well that you still appreciate them. Like always, I adored the supporting cast of characters because they add so much to the story. The Psy-Changeling books are always going to be favorites of mine and I will reread many times to come because I just adore the world Singh has created.

As always, Angela Dawe does a phenomenal job with narration. Her performance is always spot on and delightful!

  • POV: 3rd
  • Tears: no
  • Trope: shifters
  • Triggers: none
  • Series/Standalone: stand alone within an interconnected series
  • Cliffhanger: not for Kaia and Bowen; the larger story ARC still has some questions to be answered
  • HEA: yes

books by Christine Feehan, Jennifer Ashley, Shelly Laurenston...then you will probably like Ocean Light!


Ocean Light

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Psy-Changeling Trinity

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