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Done - C.E.   Johnson

Done by CE Johnson is the story of two broken souls finding a way to heal each other. Sophie has had a tough life: no family, only 1 friend, and barely enough money to eek out an existence. Benson has more money than he knows what to do with, but he is cold and callous. Benson notices Sophie walking home alone late at night and begins to follow her, offer her a ride, and then when she still refuses, walking with her. One night, Sophie is attacked in the alley. Benson finds her, but she has received quite the beating.

Sophie is leery of everyone in the world. It is understandable because Benson comes on really strong. Honestly, it was kind of creepy at times. He would end every conversation with "Its done". He said it dozens of times before I was even 1/2 way through the book. For me, Benson was bordering on the creepy side. He nagged Sophie for information about her life, but he never told her anything about him. What does he do for a living? Does he have a family? Is Paul his only friend? That doesn't stop her from sleeping with him though. Help her? No way will she accept that. Sex without a condom? Sure, she is all for it. Sophie tried to lie to get him to back off a bit, but that only worked for a few days. Then he finds out she is living in a homeless shelter. So, he swoops in, forces her to leave with him, and then offers her a job and a townhouse. Of course, that conversation ends with "Its done, Sophie".

Sophie's reluctance to accept help is understandable to a point. I get it: it is hard to imagine that someone wants to help you out without expecting something in return. But, Sophie seems to have ensured she doesn't have any friends. She keeps everyone blocked out of her life entirely. She is so afraid of pity from others, she won't accept anything. While admirable to a point, after awhile, it becomes stubborn. Benson doesn't give up though, which kind of grew on me. Overbearing and sometimes creepy? Sure. But, Sophie was so flipping stubborn short of knocking her unconscious with a club, I am not sure anything would sway her except Benson's dogged persistence and refusal to accept her refusals.

Despite my issues with the characters, the story is well written. Johnson's words are well written and emotive. Her style flows easily and had me turning pages quickly as the story progressed. So, Sophie and Benson weren't a home run for me, but I think Johnson has talent and I will probably continue to read books from her in the future.

  • POV: 1st
  • Tears: no
  • Trope: hard knock life
  • Triggers: Sophie is assaulted early in the book; while  not overly graphic and she isn't raped, he does attempt to rape her and it may be a trigger for some readers.
  • Series/Standalone: stand alone
  • Cliffhanger: no
  • HEA: yes

Deeper by Robin York, The Billionaire's Private Scandal by Jenna Bayley-Burke, Wired by Julie Garwood...then you will probably like Done!



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