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Found - B.L. Brunnemer

Found by BL Brunnemer is a slight spin off from her YA Reverse Harem series, The Veil Diaries. Zahur has made a few appearances in The Veil Diaries in helping Lexi with the veil, but in Found we discover he is a gargoyle. I loved Brunnemer's take on gargoyles. She brings together lots of supernatural creatures and Evelyn is the one person keeping all these creatures from destroying Chicago.

Evelyn is certainly one of the more badass heroines. She has more powers than any of the guys and she has been single handedly keeping the supernatural creatures of Chicago in line. She didn't know there were other gargoyles out there. Her parents died when she was a teenager and she spent her life roaming until settling in Chicago. Lexi uses her powers to enforce the rules, but more than that, she uses her brain and diplomacy! I loved that the author included this aspect.

Atticus was a bit of the typical man in my opinion. He finds his mate. He wants to wrap her in bubble wrap. He grunts and demands instead of talking. He makes dumbass mistakes because he doesn't listen and hear. However, he was still oddly likable. I think it helped that several chapters are from the guys POV so you get to see into his thought process. Atticus has lived a very different life than Evelyn, so his behavior, while annoying, is understandable. Falk and Ranulf are great! I loved the humor and levity Ranulf brings (and am dying to know more about him and his mate!!). Falk brings a quiet support system to Evelyn that was touching. Zahur is the mature, father figure of the group. He isn't afraid to call the others out on their idiotic behavior.

Overall, Found is a great introduction to the world of Books of Stone. Its not perfect, but I felt the same way about the start of the Veil Diaries. Sometimes I think it just takes a book or 2 for Brunnemer to really find her rhythm. This is certainly steamier than The Veil Diaries! Atticus and Evelyn are mates and they consummate their mating frequently. If you like paranormal romance with all kinds of supernatural beings, fated mates who aren't sure what they think of each other, and a supporting cast of characters that are awesome, Found is a perfect pick. I'm not sure what is up with this cover. Normally, Brunnemer's covers are stunning. This one totally misses the mark for me.

Kasha Kensington is one of my favorite narrators so the reason I decided to give this book a shot was because of her! Antony Ferguson is great with the accents. Zahur has an ancient, slightly middle eastern accent, Falk and Ranulf are Scottish, and Atticus is English. He does a wonderful job with all the accents. Kensington does amazing with the accents as well, so overall, this was a great listen!

  • POV: multiple 1st
  • Tears: no
  • Trope: fated mates, supernatural
  • Triggers: none
  • Series/Standalone: series
  • Cliffhanger: yes
  • HEA: they are mated and in love by the end of the book, but he still hasn't told her about Cyrus

authors like Lisa Ladew, Dannika Dark, Milly Taiden...then you will probably like Found!



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