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Buck Naked (Cougarville)

Buck Naked (Cougarville) - Evangeline Anderson


Buck Naked is a quirky, weird, and oddly delightful read! The concept is quite campy so you have to into it with an open mind. If you like your fiction realistic, you should probably skip this one. However, if you do skip this book, you are missing out on a purely enjoyable read!

Sadie is a recent divorcee who just turned 40. When she found out her husband was leaving her for a younger woman, she decided to pack up and move to a cabin her mother left her in a town known as Cougarville. Shortly after arrival, strange things begin happening. First, she notices some changes to her body. Even though she is 40, her body appears to be that of a 20 year old. The towns people are distant and sometimes out right rude to her and call her 'juvie'. She can't understand why the men are trying to force themselves on her and the women are cursing her and kicking her out of their stores! She finally learns the truth of her heritage and what will happen to her in the very near future!

Sadie is one of the more relatable characters I have read. Who wouldn't want to suddenly get 20 years of their life back? To look and feel like a 20 year old instead of a 40 year old? Her reactions to all the strange things felt authentic and believable although she stayed in town longer than I probably would have if all that stuff happened to me! Mathis is heartwarming. His wife/mate died 10 years ago and he swore he would never have another. Sadie is throwing his plans to hell because he can't resist her. He tries so hard to keep her away though because he feels it would be a betrayal of his dead wife. I could empathize with Mathis because he really wanted to do the right thing (well, what he thought was right).

The townspeople are quirky and strange; they bring a great deal of oddity to the story that has you wondering what kind of twist Anderson has put on traditional shifter lore. I am excited to get more of this town and its people! My biggest issue with the story was the overuse of the word 'rut'. It was like 'moist': one of those words that just sets your teeth on edge. I get it-the male equivalent of going into heat is 'rutting' but there has to be a different word to use, right? Why does this word bother me so much?

  • POV: 3rd
  • Tears: no
  • Trope: shifters
  • Triggers: none
  • Series/Standalone: stand alone
  • Cliffhanger: no
  • HEA: yes; no epilogue


Beauty in Winter by Alexa Riley, Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon...then you will probably like Buck Naked!


Buck Naked

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