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Vegas Love (The Love Series Book 1)

Vegas Love (The Love Series Book 1) - Jillian Dodd 4.5 stars

I was drawn to Vegas Love by the synopsis alone. I figured it would be a fairly predictable story, and in some ways, perhaps it was. They get drunk, hop a plane to vegas, continue to drink, end up having a quickie marriage that they promise to end right away. So, what didn't I expect? Cash. He is a genuinely good guy. He really does fall for Ash and even though their relationship starts on a stupid, immature note, everything he does shows a totally different side. Ash was sometimes a bit of a struggle for me. She was so trusting of everyone in her life. I would think, given her past, she would be inherently mistrustful. Thankfully, she wasn't super angsty or annoying as many NA characters can be, especially when they are famous. Vegas Love is a pretty quick read-I finished it in a day pretty easily. There isn't much that will surprise you but you will enjoy this great love story!
POV: Dual 1st
Tears: No
Trope: Fake Relationship, Superstar
Triggers: No (mentions of drug use and abuse)
Cliffhanger: No
HEA: Yes